High Seat sales

We produce quality highseats to order, at prices that will come as a pleasant surprise.

Offering excellent value for money, as well as sturdy design and construction - we offer double seat units in styles appropriate to every requirement.

The models include Lean-to, Free-standing, Low-seats & Box-blinds for the ultimate in weather protection and comfort. We also offer open tower units suitable for observation & control of moved deer or fox

All are made from treated, planed timber that offers an expected working life in excess of ten years. The proven designs are swift to build and position, folding flat for storage and transport.

Our seats offer you a comfortable and relaxed seating position, that enables concentration to be maintained for the long periods of waiting that are sometimes required when managing wild deer.

Easily maintained & modified, treated wooden seats have the advantage of being sympathetic to your grounds as well as not being attractive to a thief looking for scrap metal.

Please call us & we can discuss your requirements and the  full range of designs.